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Email Verifier 7 Standard edition


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On this site you can buy Email Verifier 7 and pay with Paypal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Skrill.

You pay one time for lifetime key for one PC and unlimitedemails. Also you have free support and update of program in current version.

Setup Email Verifier and Domain name on Windows VPS (RDP) server
If your 25 smtp port close in your internet provider, we can install program Email Verifier on windows VPS (RDP) server and configure domain DNS records. Also we set correct options in program for the selected server. After installation we guarantie free support 3 months. The price is only for the installation service, the Email Verifier, server and domain are not included in the price.
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Installation Socks server and Domain on CentOS 7 server
If your want verify emails via own Socks server with openning 25 smtp port, we can install SS5 proxy server on CentOs 7 VPS server andconfigure domain DNS records. After installation you get IP adress, port, username and password of your Socks account. We guarantie free support 3 months.
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Socks Proxy Server for 1 month
Limit of verification on 1 Socks server - 10000 emails in day. You get Socks settings (IP address, port, username and password) of server. You can verify 300 000 emails in month.
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