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Setup Socks server in CentOS 7 server
Price: $25.00


We recommend verify not more 10000 emails in day via Socks server, because mail servers can block IP address of your server.


You have to purchase one Centos 7 VPS server and one domain name (better .com).

VPS configuration : OS – Centos 7 (>=2GB RAM, >=20GB SSD).

We recommend OVH servers. Open page OVH vps servers and select Starter centos plan. Domain name can be purchased on the Domain names page.

Below is the full price calculation for

  • Centos VPS server - 4 eur (monthly fee)
  • Domain name .com - 12 eur (yearly fee)
  • Installation SMTP server - 24 eur (one time fee)

The total installation cost is 40 eur (45$).



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